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A Ritual to Hekate

A Ritual to Hekate


This is a modern ritual in the general style of ancient Hellas. It is designed for indoor use, and does not require an altar fire or incense. It is written for one person to perform, but could easily be modified for performance by a group. If held outdoors, a regular altar fire could be used instead of candles. Incense could be used, and different things used for the offerings. Wine does not have to be used. Milk or honey could be used for libations. After purifying himself with the khernips water, the person acting as priest or priestess could cast a few drops of water on the altar. This ritual was first performed on March 28, 2759 AUC (2006).

Materials needed: 2 regular candles or tapers, 2 scented candles, bowl of water for khernips ( fresh spring water or bottled water would be appropriate), sea salt (or regular salt), match or wooden stick, barley, offering bowl, bread and cheese for the offering, wine and water for the libation, and a cup for the libation.

Place the candles on or next to the altar. If possible, place the tapers next to the altar and the scented candles on the altar. The other items can be placed on a stand or table near the altar. Everything should be in place before the ritual begins.

Modifications for Use by a Group

If used by a group, different roles could be assigned to the participants: one person to serve as the officiating priest or priestess, one person to mix the water and wine, each of the participants could bring an offering (in which case the priest or priestess would make the actual act of offering).

Each person should purify himself with the khernips water. This could be done by pouring the water from a vase or jug over the person's hands into the bowl. One person could be in charge of this procedure. In this case, the water in the jug should be blessed by salt and fire beforehand.

Each of the participants should take a sip of the mixed water and wine from the libation cup after the first libation is poured, or small individual cups could be provided for all of the participants.

The Ritual

To begin the ceremony, approach the altar. Light the tapers. Sprinkle sea salt in the khernips water, and say:

"May this purifying water be blessed by the Gods."

Light a stick or match from one of the tapers, plunge it the khernips water, and lay the stick aside. Dip your hands or fingers in the consecrated water and then dry your hands. Say:

"Let all that is profane be gone from here."

Light the scented candles, and say:

"I am here to honor and make offerings to Hekate."

Place the offering bowl on the altar (or have the bowl already in place). Cast the barley on the altar, and say:

"Greetings and praise to Hekate.

Hekate, Kekate, Hekate

I call upon you, Hekate, Great Goddess, by this or by whatever names are pleasing to you, to come to us and to accept this offering

Praise be to you ,Great Hekate

Great and primeval Goddess

You have power in the heavens, sea, and earth, and in the underworld beyond death

You give victory and success, wealth and prosperity, and wellness of being

Goddess of the moon and the night

Goddess of the crossroads and the turning path

Goddess of the key that opens the way

Triple Goddess, crowned with oak leaves and robed in saffron

Bright Hekate, may your flaming torches light the path and may your key open the door

Hekate, hear our prayer

Hekate, take delight in this ritual

Hekate, accept our offering.

An offering to Hekate."

Tear the bread and cheese into pieces and place them in the offering bowl. Say:

"To Hekate, I make an offering. May you be pleased with this offering, Hekate, and may you look with favor upon those who make the offering."

Pour wine and water into the libation cup, and say:

"To Hekate I pour a libation of wine and water. May you be pleased with this offering, Hekate."

Pour some of the mixed wine and water from the cup into the offering bowl. Say:

"To Hekate."

Take a sip from the cup. Say:

"A libation to Hekate."

Pour the rest of the cup into the offering bowl.

At this point, additional hymns, prayers, and requests could be recited. Thank Hekate for favors received. Spend several minutes in meditation.

When you are ready to finish the ritual, say:

"Praise and thanksgiving to Hekate. These rites are ended. So be it."

Let the candles burn, and leave the offerings on the altar for a time, at least for an hour or so. When it is time to dispose of the offerings, pour any liquids down a clean kitchen sink and rinse the sink afterwards. Solid material can be wrapped in a plastic bag or paper towels and placed in the trash. Do not loosely mix the offerings with regular trash. If practical, the offerings could be disposed of somewhere outside in an out of the way location where they would be naturally absorbed into the earth.

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